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Portal Development
Technological advances have made ecommerce applications to trade electronically with one another. It may be between Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Consumer-to-Consumer. WOL's vast experience in dealing with a large number of business domains and diverse technologies put us in a very strong position for delivering end-to-end Ecommerce and Internet Solutions to our customers.
Content Management
WOL offers content syndication from different sources, content agregation and layout and Integration with third party/extenal CMSs.
Offshore Call Center Services

  • To provide these services WOL will:

      • Customize its own suite of tools to meet customer needs

      • Provide hardware and network infrastructure through its partners

      • Provide end-to-end service offerings, which include customizing existing tools, development of new applications and backend integration

      • Host Portals and manage them

    Speed is of essence in the fast-paced Net Economy. WOL can help you gain an edge over your competition with its rapid deployment capability. Moreover, the combination of rapid deployment and ASP services offers you a double advantage in terms of cost.

    We can provide you a solution that will exceed your expectations.

    WOL Advantage

    World Online's suite of portal development tools will help us to rapidly build and deploy a portal for any company. This rapid deployment capability will help our customers to cut costs and provide them a shorter time-to-market advantage.

    Our suite of tools and services offer:

      • Speed. To survive and be successful in today's net-economy is to be a web-enabled company now. We can get you there in time and cost-effectively.

      • Flexibility. WOL's suite of tools will allow quick building and deployment of portals and will have the flexibility and capability to allow customization as much as required by you.

      • Cost-effectiveness. The ASP services coupled with our rapid deployment capability and offshore development facility will provide you tremendous benefits in terms of cutting costs.

      • Quality. Our offshore development center located in Hyderabad, India is ISO 9000 certified. We follow the stringent quality processes at all our development centers to deliver superior quality solutions. This facility also offers 24x7 time advantage.

    Additional WOL Strengths

    • Strong technical skills
    • Strong integration skills
    • Extensive industry experience
    • Capability to develop tools in-house.
    Portal Development

    ASP Services


    Web Tools

    WOL Advantage


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