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"Enterprise Portals are applications that enable companies to unlock internally and externally stored information, and provide users a single gateway to personalized information needed to make informed business decisions," as defined by a Merrill Lynch report.

WOL has the expertise to build, deploy, host, upgrade and manage portals for enterprises and vertical communities. It has developed a suite of portal building tools that can be assembled and deployed easily and quickly.

The ASP model of WOL will help you to deploy your portals rapidly without the associated cost of owning, supporting and managing the infrastructure and the applications.

WOL recognized the tremendous benefits that an Enterprise Portal offers and viewed it as a transforming force in the new e-economy. Industry reports indicate a growing popularity of portals, and Merrill Lynch's conservative estimates are $14.8 billion by 2002.

An Enterprise portal could comprise of different functional areas - collaborative, transactional and commerce.


Benefits of a Portal

A Portal will bring information from disparate systems to one web page where you can view it and use the information and other applications interactively to achieve enterprise objectives. It will act as a single point gateway to view and use database reports, groupware, e-mail, workflow, customized information from critical business applications like ERP, CRM, other corporate resources and also the Internet.

 The Benefits are numerous and extremely valuable which no organization can ignore:

  • Improved productivity. Easy access to relevant and customized information from internal and external sources will increase the efficiency and productivity of all employees.

  • Improved relationships.  The portal will serve as a central information resource for employees, customers, executives, suppliers, distributors, partners and shareholders. This timely sharing of relevant information will result in a cohesion between all groups.

  • Competitive Advantage. Since the portal will serve as a singlegateway and provide all relevant information from internal and external sources, it will lower costs and increase efficiency of  all the systems in the organization. It will provide a competitive edge to organizations as they will have timely and accurate information to improve customer relationship management, work flow management, supplier relationship management, performance analysis, market segmentation and targeting, forecasting, and all other functions.

  • High Return on Investment (ROI). A portal is an integrated application which will be faster to deploy, easier to  maintain and less expensive as compared to customized systems. This will cur costs and provide high ROI to organizations.

With this in mind, WOL developed a suite of portal building tools to help organizations gain a competitive edge in the new "net-economy." These suite of tools will help us to quickly build and deploy a portal for any company. This rapid deployment capability will help our customers to cut costs and will provide them a shorter time-to-market advantage.  


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