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World Online, Inc. (WOL) is an ecommerce and content management solution provider. It was founded in 1998 with the sole purpose of meeting industry's growing need for Portals and ASP services. WOL has the expertise to build and host portals rapidly and cost-effectively, giving you an edge over your competition in the Net-Economy. Over the years, WOL transformed into a ecommerce and content management solution provider.

In 1998, World Online had developed and deployed a vertical portal for software engineers - www.globalnoise.com - complete with email, bulletin board, chat, career center and other functionalities.

World Online offers global sourcing and delivery using its offshore facility in Hyderabad, India - SoftPro Global Technologies Pvt., Ltd (www.softproindia.com).

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World Online, Inc. to build online portfolio management engine for FinancialWise.com

World Online Announces strategic partnership with DoubleClick, Inc.


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