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    Visual Basic 6.0
Course Summary: The 47 hour course will consist of 27 hours of instructor-led training along with 20 hours of tutoring. The course will be taught using Visual Basic 6.0 in a Windows NT/95 environment. The curriculum will include quizzes, hands-on exercises, and a case study.

Course Objective: The student will understand the fundamental concepts of Visual Basic by learning syntax and usage of the language. Also, the student will apply the learned concepts in developing applications using Visual Basic.

Pre-requisite: Some programming knowledge..

  • Features of Visual Basic
  • Editions of Visual Basic
  • Introduction to the VB
  • Development environment
  • Concepts of Event Driven programming

Visual Basic Fundamentals

  • Objects
  • Controlling Objects
    • Properties 
    • Methods
    • Events
  • Introduction to VB Forms
    • Setting form properties
    • Form events and methods
  • Adding controls to forms
  • Other Basic Controls
    • Label
    • Text Box
  • Command Button

Working with Code & Forms

  • Modules
  • VB Code editor
  • User Interface
  • Managing forms

Variables & Procedures

  • Declaring Variables
  • Arrays
  • Data Types
  • Arithmetic and relational operations
  • Understanding Procedures and Procedure types 

Data Formatting and Functions

  • Formatting Data 
  • Date and Time functions
  • String Manipulation
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops

Debugging & Error Handling

Working with Controls
  • Standard Controls
  • Advanced Standard
  • Controls
  • Active X Controls

Data Access Using Data Controls

  • Client Server fundamentals
  • VB Database Access
  • Relational Databases
  • Using Data Controls
  • Manipulation of Data

Input Validations

  • Field level validations
  • Form level validations
  • Masked Edits

Error Trapping

  • Trapping Run-time errors
  • Error handling

Menus, Status Bar and Toolbars

  • Creating Menus
  • Status Bar
  • Toolbars

Drag & Drop

  • Overview
  • Mouse Events
  • How and why of drag and drop

More VB Controls

  • Using Control Arrays
  • Working with Object Variables
  • Collections

Introduction to Active X

  • Active X Components
  • Creating Active X components 

Case Study



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