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    Object Oriented Programming using C++

    Course Summary: The course will consist of 42 hours of instructor-led training.  The curriculum will include quizzes, hands-on exercises, and a case study.

    Course Objective:
    The student will understand the concepts of Object Oriented Programming(OOP) and comprehend how C++ implements these concepts.  Also, the student will learn syntax and usage of the C++ language and apply the learnt concepts in developing applications using C++.

    Minimum one year of programming in C language.

  • Need for paradigm shift  

Concepts of Object Oriented Programmin 

  • Object
  • Hierarchy    
  • Polymorphism 
  • Object based programming
  • Object oriented programming
  • Can C deliver?

C++ as better C

  • Sample C++ program
  • Keywords
  • Operators and precedence 
  • Extensions implemented as better  C

Introduction to class    

  • class definition and syntax 
  • Member functions 
  • Interface and implementation of class 
  • Constructors
  • Destructors      

More about class 

  • How to access data between classes 
  • Friend functions and friend classes 
  • Static data members and static member functions 
  • Overloading of functions in a class  
  • Difference between class/structure/union
  • Tips on identifying classes


Dynamic Storage 
  • new
  • delete
  • Copy constructor

Operator Overloading

  • Operator overloading
  • Overloading =,( ).[]


  • Derived class and base class
  • Syntax of derived class
  • Access specifiers
  • Constructor and destructor in derived classes

Virtual Functions  

  • Definition 
  • Implementation of virtual function 
  • Pure virtual functions (abstract base class) 
  • Virtual destructors
  • this pointer


  • Stream I/O 
  • File I/O

 Case Study


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