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    Active Server Pages

    Course Summary: The course will consist of 24 hours of instructor-led training. The curriculum will include quizzes, hands-on exercises, and a case study.

    Course Objective: The student will understand the fundamental concepts of ASP by learning syntax and usage of the language. The students will also gain hands-on-experience via assignment.

    Pre-requisite: Knowledge of HTML and /or Programming.


    • What is ASP?
    • ASP vs. HTML
    • Setting stage to run ASP
    • Variables
    • Control Structure
    • Objects, Methods and Properties
    • Events

    ASP Object Model Overview

    • What is ASP Object Model?
    • Structure of Object Model
    • Server Object
    • Application Object
    • Session Object
    • Request Object
    • Response Object
    • Page Level Object

Request Object

    • Request Object collections
    • Query String Collections
    • Form Collection
    • Server variable Collection
    • Cookies Collection
    • Request Object Properties
    • Request Object Method

Response Object

    • Write Method
    • Short Cut to Write Method
    • Buffer
    • Flush
    • Clear
    • End
    • Content Expiration
    • Redirection



    • Application Variable
    • Application Object Collections
    • Lock Method
    • Unlock Method
    • Application and Global.asa


    • Session Variable
    • Session Object Collections
    • Session Object Properties
    • Session Object Methods
    • Session and Global.asa


    • Instantiation of Server Object

    Ad Rotator

    • Scheduler file

Browser Capability

    • Browser.ini.file

Scripting Objects

    • Dictionary Objects
    • FileSystemObject Object
    • Text Stream Object

Data Access with ASP

    • DSN
    • Connection Object
    • Recordset Object
    • Command Object

Case Study


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